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There are many things that make us different from all the other Home Watch companies. Just ask them, not us. Do they use Thermal Infrared Technology on every visit? What are there qualifications? Are they General Contractors, Home Inspectors, Mold Assessors, State Municipal Building Inspectors? We are all of the above!We have the highest qualifications and use the latest technology! What qualifies them to watch your home?

Elite Property Inspection & Management  is specializing in the care and security of second homes/vacation homes and for absentee homeowners. We offer a variety of homewatch services such as regular home inspections and home maintenance while you are away.

We will personally manage the affairs of your residence while you are away on vacation or for a season. Our house watch staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle issues that may arise.

We offer custom home watch services to meet the requirements of the customer. Our residential home watch experience enables us to catch potential and current issues quickly before they become bigger problems. We have project management experience and reliable contractors to handle any issue for you in your absence

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Typical Services

Remember we scan the interior of every home with a Thermal Infrared Camera at every inspection to detect moisture intrusion not seen by the naked eye.

  • Running faucets, toilets, shower/tubs, checking for leaks
  • Checking security of windows, doors, garage doors
  • Checking alarm system functions
  • Viewing water conditions of fountains, pools
  • Monitoring air conditioning system including thermostat function, filter replacements and meeting with technicians
  • Meeting with pest control technician, housekeeper, pool service provider and other home maintenance contractors
  • Monitoring lawn care and landscape professionals
  • Preparing home for storms and checking after for damages
  • Opening and closing procedures for your home contractors
  • Checking for ceiling, roof, foundation and garage leaks
  • Running automobile and other motor vehicle engines


Home Watch Palm Beach, Home Watch Boynton Beach, Home Watch Delray Beach, Home Watch Boca Raton, Home Watch West Palm Beach, And All Of Palm Beach County.

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Elite Property Inspection & Management

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