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Wind Mitigation Inspection

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Wind Mitigation inspections were developed to save home owners money and protect property from windstorm damage. During a wind mitigation inspection, a certified inspector report on the key features that decrease the amount of damage your home may receive during a hurricane or strong windstorm. These features may include concrete block construction, gable end bracing, a hip roof, single or double roof straps, a secondary water resistance barrier, shutters and opening protection. These are the standard factors that help qualify a home for wind mitigation certification. Another factor is the elevation of a property and how it relates to wind speed. A Flordida Wind Mitigation Inspection can greatly reduce you insurance cost and Elite Property Inspection & Management can help. Our office is highly trained and in many cases more trained then inspectors of other individual companies.

Our company leads the area in Florida Wind Mitigation Inspections. Preston Halstead is one of the most educated inspectors in the entire state of Florida. We work closely with other industry leaders in educating others on how to properly perform these inspections. You will receive the most detailed report that will completely satisfy the insurance company beyond their expectations without the hassle of an insurance company reinspection.

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The reason for the discount is because a home with these types of features is less likely to incur costly repairs, which saves the insurance company money. These savings are then passed on to the policy holder. The state of Florida was the first to mandate that insurance companies reduce their rates for homes with certain wind mitigation features. This legislation has been adopted by many other states, which encourages everyone to better prepare their home against windstorm damage.


When the inspector has completed the inspection, the completed report is submitted to the insurance provider and discount calculated. Many homeowners even receive refund checks for the current policy. On average a wind mitigation certificate will save you the cost of the inspection in the first year. It is not uncommon for a wind mitigation survey to save a property owner well over a thousand dollars in the first year.

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